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Brighton Baliwag is a sprawling 15-hectare master-planned community that makes the ideal residential abode for those seeking comfort and privacy. For this reason, Robinsons Homes has incorporated a wide range of facilities and amenities for residents to use and enjoy. If you want to enjoy the lifestyle that you seek for yourself, or your family, you would be able to given these amenities that are available to you.

First on the list of impressive amenities at Brighton Baliwag is the guard house. This guard house features an entrance gate that is also consistent with the architectural design for this community. The Mediterranean theme is therefore evident in all aspects of this community so you will appreciate the level of detail that the developer has put into this community. But the guard house and entrance gate is more than just for stylistic purpose, it is also an important security feature. Every individual or vehicle must pass through the security check at the entrance gate before they are permitted entry into the subdivision. This is one of the ways that the community preserves its sense of privacy and security so you can have your peace of mind.

The village clubhouse is another important amenity that is available for the residents of Brighton Baliwag. The clubhouse features an impressive Mediterranean-inspired architectural design. The clubhouse is therefore as architecturally impressive as the homes themselves. Thus, it provides a beautiful venue for social gatherings and other important occasions. This facility is available for use by the residents so you can have your birthday parties, reunions, and other celebrations here. 

Another reason to hold your private functions and gatherings at the clubhouse is because it is located right next to the swimming pool. The swimming pool area is also beautifully designed. Thus, you will be able to hang out in the pool area to relax or unwind during idle days. The beautiful architecture around you, along with the lounge chairs and picnic areas, will make you feel more relaxed. It definitely looks more like you are spending time in a resort rather than in your own community.

There is also an activity court located next to the clubhouse and central amenity area in Brighton Baliwag. This will be a favorite spot for the kids and those residents who like to engage in sports or other fitness activities. The activity court serves multi-purpose because it is used mainly for playing basketball, but can also serve as an outdoor venue for any activities within the subdivision.

If you want to encourage your children to go out, and be one with the nature, there are plenty of pocket parks and play area available in the subdivision. These amenities are developed with lots of lush landscapes and trees. Hence, you will be able to enjoy the fresh air and the greens around you. It is also good for your children’s health to be able to engage in physical activities while relishing the nature around you. The pocket parks are spread throughout the subdivision so you can find one to relax in and have a picnic with your family.

  • Gate and guardhouse
  • Village Clubhouse 
  • Leisure Pool
  • Multi-purpose Activity Court
  • Landscaped Pocket Parks
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